needlesspessimism Thread

One summer, when I was about 11 or 12, I went to a summer camp in North Carolina that lasted only a weekend. I really enjoyed my time there, from camping out in the open to white-water rafting for the first time. Because of the length of the drive and the brevity of the camp's duration, my parents stayed in a hotel relatively nearby in order to have a mini-vacation in the area.

My mother relates their experience to me this way: one morning, bright and early, she felt the sensation of someone attempting to make the bed with her and my father still in it. As one who believes in the supernatural, she did not open her eyes, but attempted to nudge my father awake, first gently and then with greater effort. He did not, and eventually the sensation ceases. She contacted the hotel staff with her story after leaving, but did not receive a response.

While I am inclined to believe my mother, I did not really do so for this. I thought, and perhaps think still, that she simply experienced a dream in the state between waking and sleeping. Nine or ten years later, when the story came up again, I attempted to put it to rest by looking up the hotel. It was on a list of "haunted sites" in North Carolina. Apparently perceived activity is confined to one room: the room where they had happened to stay.