mxzeal Thread

Creepy/scary story :

My aunt and uncle were planning on moving a few hours away, when she found a house she was interested in about me and my 4 cousins went with my aunt and uncle check it out, The owner insisted we stay for the night (someone my at the knew for a while nice guy) in the middle of the night me and my cuzins hear a scream and run to my aunts room, my uncle insisted it was nothing and we returned to sleep.

In the morning during breakfast my aunt explained how she had a dream in the house we were staying at and she saw three beautiful young girls with blonde hair giving her a tour of the house they were in, one of the girls who were the youngest kept insisting her to play with her favorite toy a doll that was missing an eye and one of its legs and my aunt explained in great detail what everything looked like. She explained in her dream how the house looked entirely different, positioning of certain things, paintings, patterns etc. When the home owner heard this he had a great panic on his face and rushed over to his picture collection. He brought out pictures from the late 1800s and saids "that explains this pictures.." exactly as my aunt explained we're three young girls all looking just like she described following a few pictures of the house the young girl was holding the doll my aunt explained.

Then out of no where the doorbell rings, I go to answer it and on the doorstep I see the doll.. With one eye and one leg sitting upright I was terrified but I grabbed the doll and brought it over to everyone else, i place it in the center of the dinner breakfast table we were sitting at and everyones face had a sudden shock to it - without a doubt its the exact same doll in the picture except it was much dirtier. After some discussion and speculation my aunt said "anyone hear that" we all look at her and the panic on her face she then saids "I hear a girls voice asking to play with her"

the doll suddenly shifted it's position, at this exact moment my hand got really cold and chilled in the area I used to pick the doll up. We were silent for 10 minutes staring at each other waiting for the next thing to happen but nothing did after that. For the next few weeks i was having dreams of the 3 girls but not visually - just their voices i remember when i was at school (i was young like grade 7) for a split second i saw the doll on my teachers desk, i buried my head under my arms and looked back up and it was gone. i remember it like it was yesterday

Sorry for my grammar I'm on my phone in a subway lol.