mcstatics Thread

My wife one day comes to me and tells me she wants to go camping. Her and her girlfriend found the perfect place. Caledonia State Park. Here's the catch, I am an outdoors type. Her, Not so much. Instead of the girls being scared all night they find a house owned by the park for rent. I could make my fires and go hiking while the girls hung out on the porch and relaxed. So off we went. My wife and myself. Our friend and her husband and also her brother.

We arrive and its a nice old rustic home. We unload everything and get settled in. We take the upstairs main bedroom while our friends brother takes the room across the hall from us. Our Friend takes the large bedroom located on the first floor with her husband. (This is important, Promise).

Once we are situated I decided I would conquer the massive hill/mountain right outside our door. I started up this hill. At first it was easy going but the higher I went the steeper it became. Not only that. It was covered in boulders of all sizes. At a certain point I was contemplating turning around because it was a real ankle breaker. Everything was leaf covered and you couldn't see where to step. But I kept going. Then almost out of nowhere I notice a little 4 foot circle all cleared off to the bare rock. In the middle of it there was a small fire pit. I was mesmerized because here I am on top of this mountain in ridiculous terrain and here is some guys camping spot. As I got to it I noticed the side facing downhill had a few pieces of string hung from tree to tree with small branches and such draped from them. I knew right away they where used camouflage . As I looked through the forest on the other side of this camouflage I could see only one thing. Our house. That's it. WTF???

At the campfire that night I proceeded to tell everyone and they where all lighthearted about it. Fuck that. Anyway, our friends brother starts telling us some history on the place we are at. How it was part of the underground railroad and how it has a deep history. Pretty fascinating. It helped me get my mind off of Mr serial killer up the hill. I leave the fire and go upstairs to change. While in the bedroom I lean against the side wall. All of a sudden the panel sort of pushes back and over like it was on a track. I slide it over a little and look in. Its just a hidden room in the walls of the house. The secret room had solid walls all the way around. After I walked through it, ( maybe 20 feet ) I saw light coming through another panel. I pulled it back and it went into the brothers room. Pretty cool having possibly a piece of history attached to our bedroom.

Everyone checks in for the night. I'm the last one to call it a night. I come into the cabin, Lock every window and door including the chain on the door and the deadbolt and then go to bed with my knife next to me just in case.

I know I was on edge when I fell asleep but I woke up different times throughout the night to voices. Not really understanding them but still hearing them. Muffled voices. First it was a lady. Then a little while later almost a child like voice. Then even later it sounded like a conversation between 2 women. As soon as I would hear them it would stop almost immediately. This house is in the middle of nowhere with nothing but trucks on the road at night. And there is two women in this house and one is sleeping next to me. I'm so bugged out. I just would lay there until I passed out again.

In the morning our friend came up to me and started laughing and said "real funny last night". I'm confused at this point and asked what she meant. This is what she had happen to her downstairs.

She was up reading and heard the large wooden front door open slowly. It had a distinctive creaking to it so she knew what she was hearing. She heard the footsteps across the floor at a slow heavy step while someone whistled almost under their breath. The whistling stopped as it approached her door. There was a long pause of silence and then a slow knock/tapping on the door. She just sat there quietly. After a long silence the footsteps went off towards the front door at the same slow pace while the whistling stated again. Then she heard the front door close with a thud.

She was freaked out but then thought it was us playing around so she went out the room and over to the door. Deadbolt was still on, Chain was still on as well as the doorknob lock.

After telling us this story Her brother chimes in about the voices of women and children he heard all night without me telling anyone what I experienced.

It wasn't a hard Decision. Serial Killer/Stalker pervert, Ghosts, Caledonia, PEACE THE FUCK OUT. AND WE'RE GONE.

P.S. On the Brightside on the way home we came across the LAND OF LITTLE HORSES..... Miniature horses that perform. I guess that's creepy in its on regard i suppose.