lourensloki Thread

Pretty sure my wife (then fiance) and I saw a UFO one night.

Was the 17th of December 2011, we were visiting family. Decided to pop out for a drink, and while we were walking to the car my wife noticed something in the sky.

Three white lights, in the form of an triangle. It looked at least a kilometer or two away so we were seeing it from it side, and from the way it was moving and how the middle light would disappear for a second or two every now and then, it seemed like a very flat shaped upright triange, like... |> ... that was very slowly spinning and moving across the sky. It was definitely solid as we could see stars around it, but nothing in between the three white lights on each "point". We watched it for a few minutes before it disappeared. It was also trailed by two bobbing orange lights.

We had a very shitty 2mp camera with us and we took a video. Will see if we have the original, but our attempt at uploading to youtube was unsuccesful. Rookie mistake.


Haha, was watching our video now and this was our dialogue in English (we were talking broken Afrikaans)

Me: "It looks like a giant moving triangle"

My wife: shaky voice "Baby..."

Me: "It's weird, right?"

My wife: "How freaked out are you?

Me: "Yep"


Me: "Nothing moves like that"

My wife: "You are seeing this?"

Me: "Yes! How can I not see it?"

Me: "What the fuuuuuck. Baby, it is a giant moving triangle."

Me: *nervous laugh

My wife: "This makes me shit scared."

Me: "No it fascinates me. It must be something specific?"