littleblacksunshine Thread

One early morning I was headed to weekend drill at my small reserve army base. I was driving north on I-5 and was in the far left lane, the fast lane. I always drove in this lane even when traffic was light. It was just the lane I liked for some reason. Well on this particular day, I decided to move to the middle lane. I thought well I'm almost late and I look more conspicuous in the fast lane speeding, than in any other lane. Not more than a minute after changing lanes I see something in the fast lane up ahead. I suddenly realize that it's coming towards me, and not away. As it comes closed I realize that it is a car, lights off and going fast! It looked like a Jaguar or some sort. I start to shake all over. I have no cell phone, for it was about 1999 maybe, and I couldn't afford the giant brick Nokia cell phones they had out. I get to the base, walk into the building and head straight for the phone. I dial 911, explain the situation and was informed they already have had reports on this. My First Sargent told me later I was white as a ghost. It still bothers me to this day. Why of all days did I decide to change lanes? I've never seen any police looking for speeders on that section of I-5 and never had a speeding ticket.