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There is this urban legend of the man that woke up in a hotel room ice bath without a kidney and instructions to call an ambulance. Well i think i was very close of getting kidnapped, but first let me give u some background. Me and i friend opened up a minecraft server, i was doing the money stuff as i was older, so i'm with this kid on skype and he wants to donate blaah blaah. I tell him to get to a mall and buy a paysafe so he can pay but he replies that he cant do it untill his parents are home. I asked why(he was 15 not 5) and he tells me this: Look, in my city there have been a number of people gone missing and the cause is the black ambulance. I asked what is that and he tells me to google it. I thought to myself that he had no money and he was trying to get smth for free and i ended the call, grabbed my bike and went out. After a few minutes i get an eerie sensation as i was about to take a turn on my normal bike trail that enters the woods. I stopped right at the junction believing that it was because i left the water on back home. I turn back and i notice something strange, a dark van with black windows comes out of the trail that i was about to take and goes on the same road as me. Didn't think much, i got home and see that the water was off. It got a bit late so i abandoned my idea to go in the woods and decided to give it a go searching what that kid told me. What i found out on a news site freaked me out. A picture of a nearly identical van with the title, "Don't walk alone in remote areas, people gone missing and found dead". I went to the window and saw that the van was just sitting at arround 50 meters from my house. In that second i got so scared that i started crying i blocked the door with a table and 3 chairs after locking it and i put a mattress between the window and the sofa. That day had such a huge impact on me that even now my eyes are tearing up, i am still scared about that one evening. I couldn't go during the night to the bathroom without waking one of my parents for over a month and had horrific nightmares for one and a half years. I never found out a real documented case, just like the urban legend, but the idea that some 1 might be lurking waiting for me to be alone to kidnap me and cut my body into pieces creates this incredible paranoia in my mind. After that one day my biggest fear were humans.