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Not really scary or whatnot, but still really weird. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, or since (at least; not to this degree).

I've lived by myself for the last 9 years. I'm currently 30. This happened in my last house.

I woke up one night to the sound of footsteps passing my bedroom; going towards the kitchen. I wasn't exactly sure if i had really heard it, because after listening intently for a minute or 2, there was no more sound. I looked at the glowing numbers of my alarm clock; it was 4:23am

The footsteps were still echoing in my memory - far too vivid for my liking. So quiet as i could (and shaking with fear), i got out of bed and grabbed my vase as a (really lame) weapon. Then i turned on my bedroom light and yanked open the door.


My house was actually just a really small open plan apartment, but there was a small hallway to the bathroom, and an empty bedroom. So i walked around the house; turning on all the lights, and checking the doors and windows and closets as i went.

Nothing. I went back to sleep still a little weirded out.

The next day i got to work, only to see that the office was dark. I work with only 3 other people, and i'm the second person scheduled to arrive - the boss wasn't there. As soon as i sat down at my desk, the phone rang. I knew it was the boss before i picked up.

He sounded weird on the phone - stern and angry. He just said that he wouldn't be in that day. When i asked why, again with the weird feeling. This time that he had had intruders last night. His reply was that people had broken in.

I didn't talk to him again until he came back a few days later. He said that 2 people had snuck in (he forgot to lock the back door), and stolen wallets and car keys + his and his wife's cars. He woke up to footsteps about 4.30am, and then chased them out.

Ok, so not that creepy, but it definitely weirded me out. Annoying thing is that i can't really tell that story to anyone, because i seriously doubt they would believe it.