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Not me, but a friend, and not paranormal. At the time, she was studying abroad in Japan in high school. Let's call her Rachel.

So Rachel enjoyed going on walks every evening after dinner, and she was in a more rural suburban-type area outside of Sapporo, so it was pretty safe. Nothing unusual had ever happened to her before this incident, maybe a few days before she was coming back to the states.

On this particular evening, Rachel noticed a van driving sort of slowly behind her. When she noticed it, this guy pulls up and asks her what's she's doing, if she wants to go to karaoke, if she needed a ride (basically asking more things to each time she said "no" or avoided a question.) She picked up her pace, and the van just drives past her and away.

She starts walking back to her host family's house, when she spots the van following her again. The man in the van pulls up, and angrily orders her to get in the car. She runs, as fast as she can, back home.

This gets to me because a) he easily could have caught up to her if he wanted, and b) that van was guaranteed filled with this fucker's rapist buddies.