P00PJAR Thread

February of 2012 I had this really weird dream. In the dream I was sitting in the living room of my apartment, on the futon, talking to what felt like one of my closest/oldest friends. Were talking and joking when abruptly, my body walks past us, wandering aimlessly around the apartment. I point at my own body(which is weird) and laugh "look at it, it's lost without me.. But I can still make it do whatever I want. Do you want a glass of milk?" I then turn to my body, which is still wandering around near the door and call to it, "hey go get us each a glass of milk." I then watch the back of my own body go to the kitchen, fetch glasses, pour two glasses of milk and then bring them to us, still sitting on the futon. As I turned to offer one of the glasses to my "friend" I remember being blinded by light, and then everything went to fuzz... I woke up the next morning thinking, what the fuck? What a crazy dream. When I walked out of my room there were two full glasses of milk sitting in front of my futon.