AdmiralLobstero Thread

When I was about 17, a few friends and I visited a buddies lake house for a party. Before we got there, we were driving around the country looking for a gas station or super market, something we could buy some drinks from. We collectively decided to piss, so we pulled off the road and all got out. While I was pissing, I saw something (black humanish form) moving out the corner of my eye. I didn't see it when I looked over, but I felt insanely awful and sick. Like I had just heard the worst news ever. I told my friends that we were not supposed to be here and we needed to leave now. I wouldn't shut up until everyone was in the car and we were backing out. As we were backing out of the little clearing, what no one saw when we pulled up was clear as day now. There were three "in loving memory" crosses right next to where we had parked. I am in no way sensitive to ghosts or anything, but I felt that.