finigian Thread

Once, I worked in a fort in Ireland as a tour guide. The fort is about 400 hundred years old and has been occupied by the Irish then English then the irish.

In the early 1900's the British occupied it. A soldier was having an affair with an officers wife, he was about to be court martialed, so he hung himself, upstairs, in the officers mess.

I years later when the mess was being renovated they found his letters.

Anyway, when I started to work there, I'd go in to mess and I'd feel his sadness, other days he'd be happy.

One day, I fell asleep on the job, I felt someone poke me to wake me up, I felt it was him, he was protecting me as 2 mins later my boss walked in.

I my head I can see this boy of about 21, with his uniform on him and his heartbreaking.