holls56 Thread

I spent a summer living with a friend who had a SUPER religious, Christian family.

I started noticing weird things as soon as I moved in. Every morning I'd wake up and my closet door would be wide open, and sometimes I'd be sitting there and it would just open. They just said it was probably an air draft, but it happened a lot when the air wasn't even running.

Things always seemed to happen when the family wasn't there. I'd walk down the hall to go to the kitchen, come back, and the hall closet door would be wide open. The tv in my room would turn off and on, and when it would come back on that mother fucker's volume would be turned up ALL THE WAY. When no one was there, I'd hear a woman crying... I'd go looking for the source and never find it. I saw shadows in the living room when I'd walk down the hall, and I'd hear talking when I was alone in the house. (They lived out in the country so I knew no one was around)

By this point, I thought I was going crazy. The family definitely thought I was crazy.... I slept with my light on every night and I hated being there. The family was going out of town for vacation and I made 2 friends come stay with me to prove I wasn't crazy. My bed was only big enough for 2 people, so they were fighting over who had to sleep in the other room. One friend says she refuses to sleep in that room because there were too many mirrors and it freaked her out. They continue to argue and all of a sudden we hear a HUGE bang. We try to figure out what's going on, search the entire house and find nothing amiss..except when we walk into the bathroom down the hall and find the huge over-the-sink mirror, that was screwed into the wall, lying on the ground (somehow unbroken). We all burst into tears and ran out of the house screaming.

I moved our shortly after that.... obviously. It made me so paranoid. I don't know what was going on in there and I don't really care to know. The family was super religious and believed that I had brought something evil into their house because I didn't go to church with them... So there's that.

TL;DR : scary shit happened to me while living with a friend's religious family because I was apparently "evil".

p.s. The most evil thing about me is probably that I used to download free music on that limewire website, but it made my computer crash so I got my payback okay?!? I'M A GOOD PERSON.

p.p.s. Seriously though, that scarred me for life. Total believer in the paranormal.