toxicbox Thread

I don't really believe that it was paranormal, but the events were so extraordinary that I'm not 100% sure how to explain it otherwise.

I was on a fly fishing trip with my two cousins, and we had gone out to a stream that was about a 5-10 mile hike from the road so we were pretty much isolated from people and other fishers.

I was still a pretty new fisher at the time, and I had never fished this particular stream before. We were piggybacking sections of the stream, so we would each get to fish a portion and then skip ahead to the front of the group and fish a new portion.

My cousins SPEFICALLY told me to stay to the right of the stream when we hit the branch. I figured that they meant it was overrun with logs or large rocks, and being the idiotic 15 year old I was I decided that I'd just go down it because it couldn't be that bad and it's nice to have an entire section to yourself.

I was surprised when I started going down it, because it was really nice fishing. There weren't any logs blocking the river, and the foliage wasn't very thick. I remember I started noticing things though, specifically there was an absolute silence over this part of the forest. It didn't really strike me as bizarre at the time, but things kept on getting weirder the further I went down.

I noticed that someone had recently macheted through a really thick section of trees. When I went up to get a better look at it, I realized that there was no way the damage was from a machete. It was easily 10 ft in height, and took a bizzare path through one side of the stream to the other like something had stumbled through. I remember being marginally creeped out at that point, and I decided to turn around and head back.

When I was nearing the half way or so point on my way back, I saw a sign had been stuck onto a tree that said "You're dead." I started laughing at it because it was just so fucking ridiculous, and then 5 seconds later something big starts moving around behind me. I didn't even bother turning around, I just high tailed it out of there and didn't stop running until I had found my cousins.

We never talked about what happened to me, because I was afraid of getting in trouble. But sometimes I feel like it might have been some sort of prank on their behalf. The only odd thing is I thought they would've been like "Haha, got you!" at some point and they never did.

Realistically it was probably some animal, and the sign had probably been there forever. But it still scared the absolute shit out of me at the time, and I would NEVER go back to that stream ever again.