billbapapa Thread

My daughter called me from the future, wrote this a little whilst ago about it:

I have a three year old daughter now, about 3 and a half years ago when my wife was pregnant with her, I got a phone call from an "unknown number". When I picked up it was a little girl who called me daddy, I told her "sorry but you have the wrong number" and she answered, "no. You're my daddy". I proceeded to tell her, "no. I don't have a daughter" and the little girl said in one of the creepiest little kid voices I can remember "oh yes you do daddy" and then I was so freaked out and strung out on caffeine that I just hung up. My wife asked me what had happened and I joked that our daughter had called me from the future. Sure enough a few months later we did have a little girl and I was a daddy. Fast forward to yesterday, I was taking care of her and moving some boxes and I heard her on the phone with grandma. At first I thought nothing of it, then I realized she must have used the auto dial herself and I was impressed, then I realized I needed to ask some questions and put the phone out of reach to prevent unwanted 911 calls and the like. When they were done talking I asked her who else she called and she said "just grandma and you." I'm 100% sure she didn't phone me yesterday even though she maintains it and says we talked. I checked the call log and it has dozens of numbers on auto dial that she tried and our home number is in them. So while I'm sure it's just coincidence, it's a bit spooky.