DyslexicZombei Thread

I'm usually too late to these threads to participate but since I'm not response #2,934 this time, I will tell you about my telekinetic sister (among her many abilities that would be considered unusual).

I once saw a Youtube video where an alleged telekinetic filmed himself mentally moving a quarter on glass...about 1 or 2 millimeters...and this was supposed to be some of the best evidence at that time. I saw my sister twice do something much more awesome and dramatic that I still can't explain to this day.

Twice in my life I've seen her "throw" physical objects with her mind:

No BS and no I wasn't drinking or taking drugs. Talking about it with her a few years ago: we figured out at least 7 family members or friends of hers have witnessed her doing this at one time or another throughout the years (usually when she was really angry about something). My older brother has also witnessed this a couple of times (growing up, during an argument she once "threw" a salt shaker at his head that narrowly missed) while our younger brother has never witnessed anything like this.

** Keep in mind that I used to be a semi-professional magician who worked in a magic shop and my father was a master magician (who has a lifetime award from one of the major international magic organizations named after him). My sister never gave a crap about trying to learn Hollywood style magic. She wasn't pulling off an illusion (and didn't even know I was in the room the first time I saw it happen).

You can read more about it here where I wrote a short story about it using my Surfer Mag online alter ego KauaiDKer:


I'm a trusted forum member and Coordinator on the Bitcoin Talk forums (Group Buys section) & have no reason to lie about this, and I don't really care if someone doesn't believe my account of what happened. She also has no interest in the Randi challenge although I've tried to convince her a few times to do it just for "kicks."

EDIT: thanks to leaving a well paying but stressful job, she no longer gets angry enough to move things when angry, and is a busy Yoga instructor nowadays. But I'm sure if you pissed her off enough, she'd make an exception for you. :D