Chichi778 Thread

I told this one somewhere else. I lived in Huntington Beach for some time with my dad and stepmom and we'd occasionally see a 6ft rail thin foggy white figure walk out the front door. We named him Jeffrey and he took the blame for a lot of shit we kids tried to get away with. Sorry, Jeff.

Also, a family friend told me a story some years ago around a drunken camp fire. He immediately sobered and became somber as he told me this story. He'd told me he and a friend were out camping somewhere and decided to hike out or something, I can't remember the fine details. He said it was a wooded area and as they were walking they heard a twig breaking behind them as if being followed. He ( the fam friend telling the story, we'll call him Tim) told me his gut instinct was to get the FUCK OUT. I can't remember if he'd just ran and didn't look back or his friend wanted to see what it was but when Tim reached either a high point or camp his friend was not there. Apparently Tim's friend showed up some time later whacked out of his fucking mind. He didn't make sense and didn't get better and eventually killed himself. Moral of the story: if you hear disturbances behind you when you're out in the middle of east Jesus nowhere you run. You run and you don't look back. I apologize for my story being in pieces. It's been years since I heard it. The way he shared his experience shook me to my core. I've always remembered: if nothing else, run.

TL;dr- fam friends friend was possibly abducted or saw some crazy shit in the woods after hearing twigs breaking behind them and later took his life.

Edit: I remembered something else that I remembered but forgot to add earlier, if that makes sense. When "Tim" and his friend were in the woods he'd told me that there wasn't any wildlife around. No deer or bears or anything else that would've caused twigs to snap when stepped on. They were "alone".