smedwards Thread

This is more glitch in the matrix than paranormal, but here goes... About a year ago I was home by myself for about 10 minutes tops whilst my room mate drove in the rain to pick up her boyfriend. Whilst she was gone, a nearby powerline was struck by lightning and I saw sparking and crazy stuff so I picked up my phone and tried to film it all. I was commentating throughout the whole video describing what had just happened etc. I promptly forgot about it. The next night we had some friends over for a few drinks and one was going through my phone and he played the video in which you can hear me talking and narrating... but also singing a song I used to sing around that time whenever I was home alone. At the same time. I was talking the whole time so no idea how this is possible. And no, I never recorded myself/my laptop was mid-movie that I had paused and there were no other devices able to be playing that song. Freaked myself the fuck out and deleted the video and now wish I hadn't so I could hear it back.