wolverine1023 Thread

When I was a teenager crazy stuff used to happen all the time. My uncle used to stay with us in our two story house and the far end of the house was an add on with his room and a bathroom. The bathroom had a 3 section mirror that folded out and i was using it to shave one day. There was a large fish bowl with flowers (my mom loved flowers) and marbles in the bottom. When i was cleaning up I accidentally knocked over the bowl and the marbles spilled everywhere. I was annoyed that I had to pick them all up but had to since it wasn't my bathroom. I went downstairs to the tv room beneath the bathroom and i heard the sound of 1000 marbles hitting the tile floor above me. I was sooo pissed that I hadn't fixed the bowl right and that I had to pick them all up again. I stomped upstairs but when i got to the bathroom the bowl was sitting perfectly the way i left it. I was home alone so I got freaked out and went in the backyard til everyone came home. My uncle eventually moved out and i got his old room. I was pumped because it was huge and I got my own bathroom. This is when shit got really weird. Sometimes I would got to sleep like normal and wake up in the middle of the night like normal, but my pillows would be at the foot of my bed and my blankets and body were switched too. Everything perfectly laid out like when i went to sleep but reversed end of my bed! One time I swear on my mother I awoke and saw a little white figure in the far corner of my room. I squinted to see better and it looked like a little girl with her head down. The girl started moving toward me and BAM rushed towards me! I screamed like a bitch and leapt out of my sheets and stood on my bed. Literally almost pissed myself. This was the worst thing, other than that my mom said she would see my sleep walking from downstairs late at night but by the time she got up the stairs to help me back i was already all the way back in my bed like normal. I didn't say anything about the creepy stuff (half fear half not to sound crazy) but this Christmas I brought it up to my uncle and he said he understood. That he actually had a spirit that followed him and in his new apartment dishes would fly out of cabinets, doors swinging open and closed, television static turning on and off. Every time he moved from place to place the spirit would dwell for awhile until it found him in his new spot. CRAZY SHIT!!! Now that I look back on this stuff I don't know how I lived in that room for so long. I guess when you're 15y/o you get up the next day and with school and a busy ass schedule you don't think about what the fuck happened the night before. Needless to say this was an intense period in my life.