gullideth Thread

I lived in a haunted house, here's the story:

Back when I was a pretty broke factory worker I found a great deal on a rental. It was a one bedroom house with a basement. The house also had a studio apartment attached to it with a locked door in between the two units. It was an odd set up but the price was amazing so I moved in. There was a strange pentagram hanging from the porch on move in day, obviously a sign but I ignored it. At first it was little things, odd things, objects being moved or pictures falling off walls. I figured it was my imagination or the house settling. Then, people started to get hurt. I would have small parties at my house on weekends. During the first party a girl was headed to my bathroom and went to the basement door instead and fell down the stairs. She broke her nose and collar bone. We all assumed she was drunk and made a mistake. I hung a sign on the bathroom door indicating it was the bathroom so nobody got confused again. The next party, a guy did the same thing. He had been to my house before, used the bathroom before but managed to open the wrong door and fall down the basement stairs. He couldn't explain how it happened, he was pretty banged up too. The basement was pretty creepy, my dog was terrified of it. In the middle of the night I heard noises that sounded like cats and told myself it was coming from outside. One night I had a crazy experience. I was hearing the cats but couldn't wake up. I was dreaming and awake at the same time. In my "dream" I felt like something was coming up from the basement and I was scared. I dreamt that I looked over at my dog who told me "get out". I needed to wake up, but I was unable to open my eyes, I managed to slap myself in the face and when I woke up I was on the floor. My dog was exactly where he was in "the dream". After this I took NyQuil or sleeping pulls every night just to fall asleep. One day I had a friend over who had a girl I never met with her. The girl told me she knew this house. She was a nurse who used to live in the studio apartment attached to the house. She was the caretaker of the old woman who lived on my side of the house. She said the woman had a ton of cats, and was very particular about her house. She said if you touched or moved anything she would flip out. The woman died by falling down the basement stairs, they think she tripped over one of her cats. I confirmed this with my landlord who said the house was built for her.