IKMongo Thread

So this is a 2 parter.

TL;WR*: Worked at a haunted hotel, ghost/demon followed me from the hotel. It tried choking me while I was trying to sleep and grabbed me by the leg snd dragged me off the bed.


I used to work at a hotel that was haunted. We had a lot of customers that mentioned seeing a ghostly cowboy in a room, they would hear voices in other rooms, stuff like that. Even had people take off in the middle of the night because of the activity.

I was hanging out on the patio in front of the main office with a coworker and my brother. It was about 2 or 3 in the morning and we started hear voices coming from the office. We would get up and check out the office, conference rooms, etc only to find no one in the building. So we turned on some music and went back to the patio.

While we are chilling outside we hear the music volume going up and down. All the way up and then back down to silence. This would go on for like 10 minutes then it went back to normal. Once again we search the building and find no one. About 15 minutes after the music volume fluctuating, I hear my brother say "Who the fuck is in the office right now?". My coworker and I turn around and see a tall man in a white t dhirt, and red baseball cap poking aroind a corner in the back of the office. We all rush into the office to see who it was but after searching everywhere we couldnt find anyone.

Fast foward a week or so:

Just got off work from a late shift and I decided to crash at my coworkers house. It was msybe 2 or 3 in the morning when I started getting ready to sleep in the guest room. I get in bed and start trying to fall asleep. A few minutes in, I feel a slight pressure on my chest. The pressure got stronger znd stronger to the point I couldnt breathe. I open I eyes and sit up. I look around the room and see nothing. I shrug it off and try going to sleep again. A few minutes in again and I feel the same pressure on my chest and neck. Stronger snd stronger till I couldnt breathe.

I get up and walk sround the room looking to see if my coworker is just fucking with me some how. He is passed out in his room and there is no one else in the house. I shrug it off again and try going to sleep....again... Almost instantly I cant breathe, the pressure was intense. I open my eyes and I see the man with the red baseball hat and white t shirt clear as fucking day. He is just hovering over my face, hands around my neck. He had no face, it freaked me out a lot. I was just staring into this faceless man while he is choking me.

What seems like an eternity, all at once the pressure, the choking, and the man vanish. I jump out of bed catching my breathe. Look around the room to see if I can find him. I found no one again. I get back in bedand chalk it up to a bad dream. I try sleeping again. Roughly 5 minutes into that I feel a hand grab my ankle, and a mighty strength yanked my from the end of the bed. I completely came off the bed, landed flat on the floor. I scramble back onto the bed and start chanting to myself "Go away, you do not belong here!". And then there was nothing. No activity the rest if the night.

*edit: Makes sense...