abbys_alibi Thread

My neighbor and I experienced a playful poltergeist for years. We called him Billy, though we didn't know the gender. I'd come home from shopping and something was always put in a weird place. Milk in a cupboard, toilet paper in the fridge, I found laundry detergent in the bath tub once. Diane called after a trip to the store to ask if Billy had been around because she couldn't find a gallon of milk. We found it outside on her back step. He played with our babies. I would watch my son follow something with his eyes that was invisible to me. Diane's son did the same. Dropped toys being given back before I could do it. Sugar...damn sugar! Every single morning the sugar bowl was completely empty. Billy was in a constant state of mischief. When I had enough, I would point to her house and yell out, "Go see Daine!" Within 5 minutes I'd get a call from her..."Thanks. Thanks a lot." She did the same to me. These things happened for the entire 2 years we lived there.

No one believed us. Not even our husbands. They didn't experience anything. I can't explain any of it.