baconswithnarwhal Thread

I believe very deeply in the paranormal but that was not always so.

In my early years of high school I went atheist. I had been raised mormon and was tired of having religion shoved down my throat. So I stopped believing in anything. It was my friends birthday. He had an annual sleepover with all our closest friends every year. Somebody got the bright idea to pull out a oujia board. As an atheist I didn't hold with spirits but why the fuck not. We were bored with video games at that point. We begin to talk to spirits. The oujia board starts spelling out some of my personal secrets. Things only 1 or 2 of my friends were aware of. I stood up in fury and demanded to know who was moving the dial. Everyone claimed innocence. Still angry and feeling waspish I asked the oujia board who was revealing my secrets. It says "Meet me in the bathroom of the abandoned house next door at midnight". It was ten o'clock or so. We were the nerdy group so all our friends were present. We broke into the house early to assure ourselves there were no pranks set up. I made sure we all left together. The appointed time draws near. Only one of my friends still has the courage to go with me. We leave after threatening all our friends with death if they pranked us. We break in the house the same way we had before. Half way down the hall (the bathroom was at the very end) I got a gut instinct to stop. It wasn't fear. It was something telling me to go no further. I throw out my arm and stop my friend from going further. He tried to push past me and prove me a coward. I was bigger. We got in a wrestling match and I'm holding this idiot down trying to reason with him when it hits midnight. Red light floods out from beneath the door. Shadows are weaving through the light. I don't have a better way to describe that. A sound like metal tearing except higher pitched rings through the house. Next thing I know I'm on my back staring at the door. My frightened friend had flipped me off him in his desperate bid to flee. I'm stunned by the lack of reason to what I'm seeing and hearing. The center of the door begins to bulge out in a sphere with no creaking of wood and now I hear things smashing. Glass and ceramics being destroyed. Again that feeling comes upon me telling me to run. That shakes my surprise off. I'd had enough and I fled and something screamed in frustration as I did. All my friends were waiting for me when I got back. I refused to speak of what I'd seen. Not that night. Not that soon. Not that close. The next day at midday I went back to take a look. The bathroom was burned. The wallpaper was just ash and scraps on the floor. The tub and toilet were chunks of ceramics. I was no longer atheist. That oujia board burned and I haven't touched one since. Though now I am fascinated with the creatures we cannot see normally.

Tldr played with a oujia board. Friend and I nearly killed by what I assume was a demon.

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