XxtittybangbangxX Thread

My friends and I used to consider ourselves ghost hunters. We lived in a town with a few locations supposedly haunted, so we had to investigate. Most of the places we went were just creepy and never really seemed to be haunted. But the last place we ever went was miller creek cemetery. The night started as usual, we went to my friend Dalton's house to meet up with our usual group of ghost hunting friends. We had about 8 of us so we take two separate vehicles. It's around 10 pm so the darkness is pretty heavy as we trek up the hill on our arrival. As usual I, who doesn't actually believe in ghosts, lead the way. As we start moving in the graveyard it gets colder, I shrug it off "just getting later and colder." I move away to investigate a few gravestones. I approach a withered gravestone trying to make out the name inscribed. As I do the air starts to glow. Startled I turn around. Little "balls" of light had appeared, it wasn't a sphere shape though, it was like sickle cells shaped, and an eggshell off white color. I glance at the guys behind to gauge their reaction. They are ecstatic, I thought this was a joke, because dalton is a music editing and lighting guy, but then I touched it, or whatever putting my hand in light is, and it dissapeared. I turn around to see if dalton is smiling. He's not, and neither are any of them, they all look horrified and I can't figure out why. "What!" I yelled at them." It's on your back" is the reply. I turn my head and the light looks like liquid running down my back. I panic and run to the car not daring to look again. The guys meet me at my truck and ask me if I'm okay. I look around and the glowing is gone. I was fine, but scared. We get everyone in my truck, but I haven't seen our newer member in a while, so I stop on the drive out at Dalton's car and ask "Hey where's the guy you brought". "Guy I brought, I thought he came with you".

TL;DR went to cemetery, scared shitless, random guy secretly joins our group without us realizing and then disappears