Jilvak Thread

Really it was strange, a couple of things have happened to me:

  1. It really wasn't that strange. Me and my family were sleeping over at someone's house because we were out of town and it was way late. So we go into their house and we set up beds in the living room. There wasn't enough beds for me and my brother so I had to sleep on the floor. I was on the floor facing up, then I heard like banjo music, fucking banjo music, then I felt something pulling me down into the ground, I had to yell and use all the strength in my arms to get up. Must have been a nightmare. Then it happens two more times and I think, "Okay what the fuck is going on in this house?" So I wake up my dad, and tell him. We're mexicans and that witchcraft stuff is deeply rooted into my parents, so he takes it very seriously and stays up with me until I can get to sleep. I feel comforted and maybe now I can get to sleep... nope. It happens again but this time my dad say, did you hear that? And keeps calling my name while it happens again I finally force myself to get up. Then my dad says with the utmost seriousness, "Get on the bed." So I spent all night up on the bed, I think I slept for short periods at a time sitting up. Weirdest part is that my dad acknowledged a noise. But it can be written off as a nightmare or somethin' like that.

Will write more if wanted. I wont spend an hour writing if no one cares.