Friendofabook Thread

Long story, sorry about that. It probably won't be as creepy as the others but the experience sure as hell has stuck with me.

I never tell this story because I know things like this are fake and I don't believe in it. But I still don't know how to explain it rationally so I just avoid it.

When me and my best friend were younger we had heard about ouija boards in movies and stuff and we just wanted to try it out once to just "make sure" it isn't real. Both promised not to move it voluntarily and I definitely trust him because we were both interested in seeing if it actually worked. Obviously trusting someone isn't just enough but it was a good start.

We didn't have an official Ouija board but he had found some site on the internet explaining how to make one. We cut out pieces of paper with letters and numbers and placed them in an oval like fashion on the floor. The next step was to trap fire in a glass and let it suffocate while chanting some kind of ritual. We had a hard time getting past this because it was ridiculous to us but eventually we just said fuck it let's try, don't laugh and chant the damn thing.

Everything was set up and we just sat there looking at each other like, alright so this is where we ask questions? We started with simple ones, when is my sisters birthday, I had to look up so we couldn't cheat. The glass started moving which creeped us out and it actually showed the correct date and month.

Now obviously this isn't enough to spook me, either A. He could have sub-consciously known her birthday (which I don't think he did) or the more logical one, I sub-consciously moved the glass and I remembered where all the letters and numbers were on the floor.

After this we did it again but with his sister and I knew that I didn't know when her birthday was so at least I could rule out option A. And yes, it showed correctly. But still he could have moved it while looking up, remembering where it was.

So we did it again but this time we re-arrenged the numbers and letters when the other one was looking up. So when we asked about his random aunts birthday he looked up and I re-arrenged it all. Now this time when it showed the correct date we were genuinely freaked out. I let go and ran away from it.

We decided to try again with something neither of us could possibly know. So our next question we took a random rapper neither of us listen too, picked Biggie, and asked what his mothers name was. We got a single letter, "V". We were a bit relieved at this point because we thought it was wrong because V is a totally random letter for a name. We ran to the computer and searched and what do you know.. Violetta, Biggie Smalls' mother..

Now we genuinely freaked out but kept going. We asked more totally random celebrities we don't know anything about. Next was Anna Nicole Smiths fathers name. We got 3 letters. D E H. Again we ran to the computer, after a while of searching (wasn't easy to find, he wasn't even listed on her wikipedia page back then) we found out that his name was Donald Eugene Hogan. After a few more of these with more celebrities and every one of them being correct we freaked out, knocked over the glass (apparantely you aren't supposed to do that or you "let the spirit out" which obviously sounds silly) and ran out of the apartment.

I didn't know about this knocking over the glass theory then, he didn't tell me. But really strange things started happening from that day on til we moved. I woke up so many times in the middle of the night from things falling down, once even the shower turned on. It wasn't until I told him about it that he explained about the whole "don't knock over the glass" thing.

Now, obviously the second part about strange things happening aren't the main creepy thing here. Because that can be explained with selective memory and stuff. The shower thing was probably just pressure building up or something, my dad explained it to me.

But the whole Ouija board experience getting really odd questions answered correctly.. I will never forget that. I will never believe in these types of things but.. I just can't explain that day.