sadcriesthrow Thread

An older male relative died. As a younger person we were close but when I started to develop he started molesting me regularly. I still loved him and would keep quiet about it out of some need for his approval.

A few years after his death I had a core-shakingly vivid dream about him visiting me at my bed as he usually did. Mostly it was just his hands touching me.

About six months after that, someone in my family mentioned that they had an intense dream (around the same time I did) where he visited them and they talked with him and felt at peace. Eventually everyone started talking and realized how they happened to have dreams around the same time of our dead relative. They were all touching stories and it sort of went without saying that we all agreed this was him visiting us.

The comparisons of the dreams left me devastated for a while but now I'm just sort of numb. Fake or not it really brought home to me how stupid it was for me to think he ever saw me as someone he actually loved while alive, and of course that wouldn't change in death.