theSkareqro Thread

This happened at home.

My family went out and I was left with my sister. It was around 3am. She was in the living room using her laptop and I was in my room down the hall. My toilet door has this frosted windows on them. You could see someone walk pass but you can't really make out the details. I needed to pee.

I was standing and peeing just minding my business. Like in the movies I saw a white figure with long hair passed by towards the living room when I glanced the door. It's as if someone had planned to walk when I turned. I thought it was my sister so I didn't think too much.

15 minutes later, I had to use the toilet again. Weirdly, same thing happened. Glanced the door, white figure passed by but now towards our rooms. This time I waited to hear if anyone opened or closed any door. No sound. I glanced the rooms and it was dark. No signs of anyone had returned home. I had chills.

I asked my sister if she had walked and she denied. She was wearing red T. When I told her what happened she freaked out. She told me she had been seeing a white figure at the corner of her eye the whole time she was using the computer and she felt as if someone had been slapping the air beside her ear trying to get attention but luckily she was oblivious.

That was one freaky night.

We encountered at least 3-4 incidents at my house.