Harvester12345 Thread

Fairly recently, around a year ago I had three days of some paranormal activity, no one at school believes me so I figured some of you might. My Mother, Grandmother and Uncle's house they lived in in London was haunted by a ghost they named Herby. I am fascinated by Herby and was constantly asking questions about Herby. My Grandmother described him as Spanish looking with long shaggy hair and a rustic face. Anyway, for three days something peculiar happened each night. (FYI I am a believer in ghosts and spirits). The first night, I was last to go to bed and had the honors of closing the dog gate shut so my dog couldn't come upstairs. The gate was secure top and bottom and I shook it just to test it. As I was on my way up the stairs the gate flew wide open, stayed there and closed again (but didn't shut fully). This was impossible in my eyes, there was no draft and it was fully locked. The second night I was playing a game of FIFA and I was angry at it because I had lost unfairly, while I was angry I heard a single knock on my door and then a deep voice quietly say "Keep calm and keep the noise down". My mother was the only other person in the house and I am confident she doesn't have that deep of a voice. On the third and final night, I was awoken from my sleep (I was unaware of the time as I couldn't see my clock) and I looked around my room but then continued to sleep. About 10 seconds later I heard the sound of my chest of drawers opening and closing, I couldn't see them due to the lack of light, I closed my eyes and then I heard the drawers again opened my eyes and there was a face, a face just like how Herby's was described. It was as if he was trying to contact me. But then it stopped, this makes me sound deluded but if someone could give me an explanation, I would be grateful.