RuthlessDickTater Thread

Late to the party so this might get buried.


Story: My buddy's house he moved into (rented) was haunted. He is really into the paranormal, and he started telling me about strange things happening. I entertained it, but really I didn't believe him, because hey, he's into this stuff, its probably all in his head. He lived alone there, and said he came home and his hamper top was laying in the middle of the living room, some 12 ft away from where his hamper was. He also reported things like noises, creaking, that I chalked up to a house settling, the air being on, joists expanding/contracting, etc etc.

He invited me over to check it out and do a 'Q & A' session with...'it'. We used a mag flashlight (the twist on/off kind) like the Ghosthunters on SciFi had used and had luck with. If you unscrew it enough, it becomes real easy to twist on/off to get a light, or turn it off. We asked a series of yes / no questions, and asked whatever was there to turn the light on for 'yes' and do nothing for 'no'. We'd mix it up to make sure we were getting the same answer ('Are you a woman?' light goes on 'Are you a man?' light stays off, etc).

The turning on / off of the light went on for 45 minutes. I still have the whole unedited video, but my friend grabbed a quick 'highlight' and uploaded it to youtube (Geez, it was 4 years ago).

Lastly, he decided to try to get more of a response out of it, so he tightened the flashlight real good, so you couldn't turn it on. He then asked a question we knew would be yes, but then said 'Whats wrong? Why can't you turn on the light?. Silence. I was sitting in a comfy chair, off camera to the right. His kitchen entrance was right in front of me. All of a sudden I distinctly heard someone standing at the kitchen sink / counter. You could hear the floorboards creak under the weight of someone, shuffling about. If I was standing there I'm sure I could have felt the floor move. Immediately after that I hear what I can only describe as a fast rattling of fingernails on the wall in front of me, to the left of the door. Then immediately the wall to the right of the door. It sounded a little like a rodent in the wall, but to go from one wall to another unconnected wall would be impossible, unless the rodent has harnessed the power of teleportation. At this point I was a little unnerved, and got up from my chair, slowly and calmly, and moved to the sofa. My friend just laughed, haha.

One more last tidbit: They were having a bonfire in his backyard once. His back was to the house (kitchen window), a friend facing him on the other side of the fire. All of a sudden his friends eyes get real big, and he asks if there is anyone in the house. My friend says no, and asks why. His buddy says "because I just saw the shape of a woman standing in the kitchen window".

I could not live there, I would have nope'd it right out of there, but my friend has some huge cajones when it comes to the paranormal. He lived there for a few more months until he had to move, for very normal reasons.