MrBrojangles90 Thread

This happened to me when I was visiting my Ex girlfriends family in England with her. We were staying in her aunt and uncles house, which was a nice 4 story house. The house used to be a slaughter house where they would take the cows up to the top floor and process them down to the basement. The first thing her cousin let me know was that it was haunted by the woman who used to run the slaughter house and that she only haunts men. A week goes by and we would occasionally here footsteps in the room above us when no one else was home and it didn't freak us out that much since we were on the 3rd floor and not the 4th floor which had the activity. One night when we were sleeping I heard a creak in our room, woke me up a bit but not full on awake. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness so I could see the wardrobe in our room and that's is when I saw the wardrobe closet doors open completely by themselves. So I did what every 21 year old male would do and put the covers over my head hoping for the ghost or demon to take my gf instead of me. After a little bit of hiding under the covers I peeked out and the wardrobe was still open so I rolled over to look what time it was and that is when I saw it, just a big grin coming out of darkness, kind of like the Cheshire cat in the dark from alice in wonderland. I woke up my gf, turned on a light, and barely slept the rest of the night. I told her aunt and uncle in the morning about how I thought I saw the ghost; before I could get to the part about the smile in the dark her uncle stopped me and said let me guess all you could see was a smile right? made that shit even more terrifying.

After I finished my story with him, he told me a story about how one time during the day he was napping and felt something crawling on the bed. He thought it was his wife wanting to snuggle up next to him but he just wanted to rest. So he told her to leave him alone but he kept feeling something slowly crawl up the bed. He opened his eyes and what he described as a full outline of a young woman crawling on his bed looking at him. He started yelling and his wife came upstairs to him with a terrified look on his face.

Oh and the night before we were flying back to the US we stayed on the 4th floor since our room was being used by my gfs grandma. We watched a movie in their media room and then got ready for bed. My gf didn't tell me what happened after we left the media room until we got back to the states because she knew I wouldn't sleep. She said she heard something in the room and every electronic turned on in the room and then quickly shut off. I haven't had any paranormal things happen to me since England