CasualGamerBra Thread

When I was roughly 6 or so, I always used to look out the blinds at night, though I only "Peeked" normally by moving just the first one as my bed was against the wall because I enjoyed looking at the lizards, frogs and other random critters in our privacy hedge (8 feet or so I'd guesstimate) between our house and neighbors. We also had a narrow dirt path that lead on that side of the house between my room and said hedge that allowed you to walk to the back, in addition to allowing light from the Flood light in the back of my house to show most anything at the angle of my window, hence my interest in watching the nightlife.

Of course, one random night as I peeked out of window, I saw something unusual in the lighting, it was a bit off to the side so I opened my blinds. Low & behold, there's a person standing there (male) around late teens to early twenties with a baseball cap turned backwards, casual skater gear we'd expect to see today, probably around 5'10 separated only by a thin sheet of glass. The flood light from the back illuminated the privacy hedge to the point that I could literally see anything, so I recall the details quite vividly- The issue however, was I could literally see the Privacy Hedge and light THROUGH this man! He had no color, more like a staticy black & white TV but he was absolutely visible, though the light didn't hit him- And he was staring at me directly in the eyes, not breathing, not moving, just staring. It actually gives me chills recalling the look. So lifeless, his eyes weren't dark, but he had a very serious expression on his face and presented a horrifying vibe directly in front of me, like he was looking into my soul or judging me. It must have only been 10 seconds, but felt exponentially longer.

I immediately screamed and ran to my parents room, who then (of course checked nothing was there), the next morning we looked for prints in the dirt to no avail and for the next week flooded the path just in case any movement was around so deep tracks and squishing noises would be left in case it was a kid. Nothing. I never figured out if there was some sort of history or something to the house, but I know for a fact it wasn't my imagination. Things like this, you don't forget as a child.

To this day I wonder what I truly saw, I don't necessarily believe in many paranormal events, but what I experienced is enough to still give me chills apparently over 15 years later. That fucking stare and night will stay with me for the rest of my life.

TL;DR Looked out my window when I was 6, saw the back flood light and my privacy hedge through a male (apparation, ghost, whatever you wanna call it) who was staring directly at me standing absolutely still w/out breathing on the opposite side of my window. Had an incredibly eerie vibe and didn't blink, but it didn't look friendly based off the facial expression. Screamed, cried like a bitch and my childhood sleep cycle was ruined at that house until we basically moved a few years later.