krisspy451 Thread

The funeral home i work at is regarded as haunted. Its the oldest in the city and the building is around 80 years old. We all have experienced things like doors being closed and opened, the lights going off and on, and just general creepiness, especially late at night. Its likely just the old building, as its drafty and likely has bad wiring.

The most paranormal thing I experienced was actually at the newer building, that is only 12 years old. We had a young man in, who was in his 20s and died of a drug overdose. It was an interesting service, with the family obviously distraught more than the usual families. After the service, he was going to be cremated, and we were waiting for the family to finish up. Finally, the director decided that we should take off, he would close up, and we'd cremate in the morning. Im going to the back hall to clock out, turn the corner, and saw a guy standing at the end of the hall. I was about to call out to him. I figured he was family that walked down the wrong hall. I walked towards him, and saw him turn to the door at the end, and walk out. The door didnt open, but he walked out of the door. I was taken aback. He had on a brown suit and had dark brown hair. I thought I was just losing my mind.

The next day, I came in, and helped the director load him into the retort in the crematory. Before we did, we checked the ankle tag to make sure it was the right guy, for our security. I was slightly shocked as I hadnt seen him yet. He was a young guy who looked peaceful. What shocked me was that he had dark brown hair and a brown suit on.