The_Revolutionary Thread

Tl;dr state rehab is old black asylum. Haunted like a mofo yo

This will most likely get buried. Recently I was sentenced to a department of corrections rehab facility in rural north Carolina. I had never seen a place like looked creepy. Buildings from the early 1900s and had 5 buildings evenly spaced along a loop that went in a semi circle from the main road. The administration building was home to an old crematorium and a tunnel that went a mile or so to the mental hospital up the road.

Upon arriving i immediately was uneasy. I had been there 3 days and was having trouble sleeping. That night i was drifting off and heard a scream. It was a womans an all male facility. This was a blood curdling scream...and woke up 2 other guys in my dorm room.

The next day i hear this dude who works there singing about "abigail". I ask him who she is. Keep in mind this guy has a scar from his ear to his mouth like the joker. He said "Abigail was here a long time ago back when this was the Negro mental institution. She got raped by a couple guards and hung herself ha ha the little slut." I say "this was a blacks only asylum?" Mr.swift replies "sure was. They came here to die. Graveyards out back. After a while they just started burning em over there. They say Abigail is still in the buildings."

At this point i remember the scream. I'm not one to believe shit like this but i heard it. Through out my stay there (3 months) i saw and heard a lot more stuff. There was a black cat that would walk around through the trees and behind the buildings. Only animal i saw there. Jet black and would just stare. Also in the bathrooms on multiple occasions the showers, sinks or hand dryers would turn on by themselves. The lights would turn on and off. A guy in my dorm claims to have been shaken awake by seemingly no one as well.

Lastly and strangest the crying tree. I forget who told me of the crying tree but that isn't important. This tree was in the corner of our rec yard just outside the fence but the branches hung over slightly. It was next to the crematorium/tunnel building. Literal tears would fall on you when you stood under this tree. It was a sunny day, mid day, not a cloud in the sky and 2 drops hit my arms. I tasted it out of curiosity...they were tears. Sorry that was so long but that's my creepiest paranormal experience.