dtulonghorn Thread

On mobile so I'll post the abbreviated version. I've had two experiences that I can't explain and in one I'm about 99% sure I saw a apparition. Both were in my family's home, which while new has always had lots of strange sounds ( mainly what sounds like someone walking down an upstairs hallway when no one is there.

Anyways the first experience happened when I was 12 or 13 in my sisters room. She and I were playing cards or something in there before dinner and everything was fine. We got called down for dinner and when we came back upstairs the beanie babies on her shelf were all face down, but nothing else on the shelf had been disturbed. No one had gone upstairs or been in that room while we were eating.

The second took place when I was in high school. It was about 2 am and I was up late on the computer. Our computer was in the game room upstairs that had a half wall overlooking our two story living room. The outer wall of the living room had six huge windows going up to the ceiling and at night you could see your reflection in the top level windows if you were in the game room. That night I was on the computer and I heard the footsteps, so I looked up to see if someone was coming down the hall, but as usual no one was. I looked back to the screen, but thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye where the hallway catwalk over the living room met the game room. I looked again but nothing was there, but once I looked back I realized had seen something. I quickly looked back agaim, but this time I looked at the windows across from me. I saw myself but also what I swear was someone standing I'm the game room with me, that wasn't actually there. After seeing that I woke the house up in a panic and slept with the lights on for a couple weeks.

TL; DR: Beanie babies can fall over by themselves and ghosts are the opposite of vampires.