SirIWouldChallenge Thread

In my childhood home my room faced the bathroom and I would look at the lights we left on in there before I fell asleep. The thing was both lights were on separate circuits so when one went out the other would stay on. I was watching it for a while when all of a sudden both lights snapped out at once. My digital clock was still working so there was still power. I scratched my face with my nails and it hurt, so I wasn't dreaming. I had enough time to think "Well, this is going to be unpleasant." Before I started getting rocked back and forth in my blankets by what felt like two enormous hands. I fell out of bed and saw what looked to be a man's face under my bed but it was blue and he had this rictus of terror for an expression. I didn't want to die afraid, so I threw a punch at it. Eventually everything stopped and I kind of just laid there for a while. I talked to my parents the next day about what happened and apparently the former owner of my house had died in my room.