bigtittedredhead Thread

Certainly. I grew up in New England, and chances are if you live in an old New England home, you're gunna have activity of some sort.

The house was built from salvaged pieces of boats and other houses after the Hurricane of '38. For those that are curious, this hurricane rocked New England to its core. Skeletons of old homes are sometimes unburied by the sea today whenever another hurricane comes to our shores. Anyways, it was a bad time.

We had already seen a handful of freaky shit. At night always at the same time, a man would stand in front of our living room window and pace back and forth. Our living room window was two stories off the ground, and we lived off in the woods. So we just left it alone, and that was all flowers and peaches.

Until this man in a top hat started harassing my brother. My brother would wake me up many mornings complaining about the man trying to "get his toenails." At first I didn't believe him, until one day I was putting laundry in his room and was greeted by this fucking tall man in a black suit with a black top hat, standing at the foot of my brothers bed. It was just me home at the time, and I noped the fuck out of there after proclaiming "fuck this fucking shit" and spent the rest of the day smoking cigarettes on the porch.

It didn't end there. My brother was constantly harassed, pinched, woken up by this man. Our upstairs grew wicked cold, no matter what time of year it was always fucking freezing. Every night this top hat guy would torment my brother in some way, to the point he started sleeping on my floor. Thats when it started coming after me.

I was shoved down a flight of stairs, held down on my bed while something pushed my hair back and whispered in my ear. Scratched while doing the dishes and growled at whenever I got confrontational with whatever was there. Doors would fly open, the kitchen cabinets would shake violently and dishes would fall out on their own. These cabinet doors were the kind that latched shut with those pretty glass pane windows so there was no way...

We eventually moved out. I don't doubt the existence of something outside our own. I never believed until that house, and I will always believe now. So much more happened, the man in the top hat never went away and it drove my brother and I insane.

TLDR old house haunted by man in top hat, crazy shit ensued.