julianne1965 Thread

A couple of years ago I spent the night in my mother's home while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery. Her home, my childhood home always had a certain feel to it--not very warm or welcoming no matter which room I was in. Growing up we heard noises like furniture being moved around, the sound of someone walking the stairs, tromping footsteps in the hallways and soft conversations coming from empty rooms. The night I stayed, I was awoken by banging sounds coming from the hallway--like someone was walking down the hallway and bashing the walls as they went along. I sat up, turned on my light and listened. It didn't stop. I went to my bedroom door and pulled open my door and called down the dark hallway "Could you please stop doing that, it's really scary." The banging stopped. Relieved, I started to close my door, but then I heard something coming from the bathroom directly across from my bedroom. The sound was the cabinet doors under the sink opening. The bathroom was dark but I knew that sound from years of hearing them open and close when the house was filled with siblings using the bathroom. The two doors were being opened and closed. Open and closed--faster and faster until they were banging furiously. I screamed, "STOP THAT!" It stopped. I went back into my room and turned on every light. I proceeded to turn on every light in the house and stayed up the rest of the night.