Rumer23 Thread

I don't know if I believe in the paranormal or not but these are the stories I have.

  1. On two different occasions when I was an infant and we were visiting my grandmother my mother had set up one of the spare bedrooms as a sort of nursery for me when we visited. She had put me down for a nap and it had been an hour or so and I was still napping/quiet but she went in to check on me and claims there was a bat sitting on my crib on the headboard just above my head. She says it was middle of the day and my nursery had two large windows on two of the walls to allow quite a bit of light in. The second time we were visiting my grandma and I was napping she came to check on me she swears up and down that she saw a man dressed in black standing over my crib on the same side that the bat was on.

  2. In the same house, different room a few years later, I was probably about 5 or so. It was middle of the night and I woke up, I hear my grandmother calling my name. So I get up to go see what she needed and she is sitting up in bed and pointing to the foot of the bed and asks me if I see him. I don't so I say 'who grandma, there isn't anyone there.' And she was very religious, Catholic, and she claimed that at the foot of her bed was a Catholic Cardinal just staring at her. She passed away the next day.

  3. Years later I was 16 or 17 and same place, it's an old farmhouse that still sits on the 200 acres that were originally homesteaded by my great-grandparents. There is a part of the property out front by our gate (the house sits back from the county road about 1/4 of a mile) is a rocky/timber area (think Mesa Verde) and in the summer the large rocks are fantastic for sun tanning on. But at night coming in because there is very little light out that way, only usually a porch light from a neighbor that lives halfway up a large hill from our gate, the place sits in the bottom of a large draw to kind of try and give you a picture of the lay of the land. I always get this creepy, fear feeling driving in on really dark nights, like something really bad happened there. During the daylight hours I will still sometimes get that feeling but usually not as much. I have put the feeling at night to just the fact that there is very little light and the rocks and trees cast creepy shadows. Anyways as I was saying the large rocks are perfect for sunning. I had been out awhile and so because I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts/paranormal I put it down to sun/heat exhaustion causing a hallucination but I heard some branches move and a twig snap. I sat up looked around and I thought for a split second I saw a young male Native American wearing traditional war paint running through the trees, stopping for a split second like he was just as startled to see me as I him.

  4. Last one. My mom was driving us back to the farm through the no mans land on the old route 666 between Ship Rock, NM and Cortez, CO and it was probably fairly close to midnight, I was asleep and missed this completely but I woke up when she slammed on the brakes. She swears she saw a fox dart into the road and stop in the very center look at our vehicle and then it "melted" down to the ground turned into a snake and slithered off the road.

Now while I don't deny these are all creepy and weird I either didn't experience them personally or the one I did I feel can be explained away but you never know I suppose.