Grantbnw Thread

This all started last week. We just got back from vacation (wife, my son & I) we are walking through an airport terminal to get our vehicle, a lady mid 30-40s and appeared homeless, stopped me and began to just start telling me a bunch of info really fast, the only thing my wife and I got was she stated she was medium and I would be hearing from "them" soon.

We were like ok... Crazy people and we laughed and shrugged it off.

Soooo fast forward to yesterday. I work for a cellphone company, yesterday with the launch of the s5 we were busy during the middle of my transaction I felt light headed for a brief moment, my ear made a strange sound and clear as day someone said "hi......hello" loud clear but I could hear them. It sounded like a gathering hall, a bunch of people talking and one person is near you and starts talking. and that was it. It was so extremely surreal the customers that I was helping asked if everything was ok because I just stopped.

No Bluetooth earpiece etc. can't explain it. I find this topic a little surreal today that I can blurt this out without sounding too crazy.