Purexed1 Thread

My parents bought a 'fixer-upper' house before they had me and it was built in 1910. They bought it for 30,000 in 1989 and they fixed it up but the entire house was just creepy. There was a 2 floors plus a basement and an attic so it 's a very large house. I remember as a child, I would play in my room which was on the 2nd floor and hear 'tromping' or footsteps above from the attic while both my parents were downstairs. I would also repeatedly hear this distinct sound what sounded like a ring (or maybe a single coin) dropping on hard wood floors (My room was carpet but hardwood was underneath the carpet).

As a child, you don't really think much about it but I remember always wondering what the hell those 2 sounds were because I heard them frequently. I remember always hearing the ring hitting the hard wood floor and immediately stop playing with my toys and wait to hear it again. Just retelling the story creeps me the fuck out because I can hear that shit over and over again in my head.