blbc5020 Thread

This will definitely be buried in this thread, but here we go.

When I was in high school I began attending a Pentecostal church with a few of my friends who had grown up attending. Lots of crazy stuff happened on the church grounds, but this story is what I consider the defining moment in my belief in the paranormal.

The youth group was very close and would have lock-ins in the church building every weekend where we would lan Halo and stay up all night. For clarification, I was the only female in our youth group, and would attend the lans because these guys were my closest friends and we had adult supervision (ha!)

One evening we were set up and several hours in when my youth director perked up. "Who's out in the hallway?" We looked around baffled. No one had left the room in several hours, but our youth director swore someone was standing in the door watching us play. We searched the church, which was very small, and found nothing. All of the doors were locked, even all of the doors to other rooms, and the only windows were plate glass. We shrugged it off and got back to playing.

A few hours later I had to pee really badly, so I asked one of the guys to walk me to the bathroom. I get freaked out pretty easily so there was no way I was walking through the dark, creepy church hallways with a possible trespasser around. He grabbed a blanket and followed me.

(The church is in a square shape. The enclosed sanctuary is in the middle, with halls that box it in, with classrooms off the hall. If you were looking down, our lan room was on the bottom, right corner of the square, and the girls bathroom was on the top left.)

Knowing that I scare easily, my friend threw the blanket over his head and started teasing me as we walked down the hallway, making ghost sounds and walking behind me. I kept whining at him to stop and laughing as we made our way through the dark, and turned left to go down the hallway to the bathroom. It was really creepy because the exit signs were silhouetting him with a red glow.

We got to the bathroom and I did what I had to do. When I came back out, he wasn't waiting by the door. I got annoyed/scared, and looked back down the hallway we had come from and I see him, covered in a blanket, slowly walking down the hallway towards me.

(Since the bathroom is on the upper, left corner you can look down two hallways at once to see the upper right corner of the building and the lower left corner. When I look down the hallway that we came from, there is another hallway to my right)

I laughingly say “cut it out!" but he just keeps slowly, steadily walking towards me. The hallway is pretty long, so it really took some committal to slowly walk all the way towards me. I take it as a game until he gets about twenty feet from me. Then I start getting really creeped. He’s not making any noise. Not “oogaboogah”, not “wooowoooowooo”, nothing. Just slowly, steadily walking towards me, silhouetted by the red exit sign at the end of the hallway.

He gets about five feet away from me and I break. I’m now successfully freaked out. “NAME, STOP IT!!!” From my right, at the end of the other hallway, I hear him say “Stop what?”

Even typing it I can feel the blood drain from my face. I jerk my head around to see him standing at the far end of the hallway to my right, and turn my head back to the figure that had been approaching me. It was gone. Just…gone. In a matter of about two seconds, whatever had been walking towards me has vanished. Never have I ran that fast in my life. I flew down the hallway and collapsed onto my friend, and his blanket in a quivering heap. We fled down the fourth and final hallway to the lan room and told my youth director. He ran through the church, checking all the doors. Still locked. We left.

Security camera footage showed nothing, but it was dark and IDK if the cameras were night equipped. After this incident many of our youth group experienced paranormal activity. I still feel crazy saying this, but after this happened I was stalked by a big, black, dog figure for a few years. I don’t know what happened in that church, but whatever did riled up some really, really scary stuff.