Ahzidahakah Thread

My girlfriend and I still get chills from talking about this to this day and I swear to god it's 100% true. We were driving home from the movies one night when I missed a turn to get back home. This was coming down West Chester Pike in PA near Springfield. I figured I'd do a u turn and come back to turn onto Springfield road. The place was well lit and no one seemed to be around except for what looked like a guy in a Hoodia who was sitting on the ground with a woman kneeling between his sprawled out legs. It seemed odd because they were sitting on a corner where I was approaching to turn around but they didn't look like they were having sex. I don't remember the guys face, but the girl looked odd to me. I couldn't help but stare and my girlfriend asks me while we're approaching the two "Do you see that?" and it just confirms that someone else is there.

Have you ever seen something but since you don't know what it is your brain can't make sense of it? I stared and stared at the woman's face, who turned to look right at my car, but I couldn't see anything. Nothing. No features, no eyes, no mouth, no nose. I'm a very skeptical person and I don't honestly believe in paranormal stuff, but I was immediately terrified. The hair on the back of my neck prickled and I suddenly got goosebumps. Surely I was just over reacting.

Except I wasn't. We got closer, close enough to where they were right next to us while I was doing a u turn, and I still couldn't fucking see her face. I could see that she was on her knees, rocking back and forth, matted and wet dark hair covering her shoulders and hanging down, but I still saw nothing on her face. The woman was following my car with her head, looking right at us, but my brain couldn't identify anything about her face at all. My girlfriend grabbed my arm and we turned to speed the fuck out of there. When we looked behind us the man and the woman were fucking gone. When I asked my girlfriend later what the woman's face looked like she shook her head and said "I kept staring but I couldn't see her face.."

To this day that is still the most fucked up encounter I've ever had. I have no idea if it was real or not but the fact that these people vanished into thin air just after we rounded the corner and the fact that both my Gf and I couldn't see the woman's face fucked us both up. Every time I bring it up we both get goosebumps.