rambles_off_topic Thread

The scariest thing happened to me in an old house I used to rent back in 2008. I came home from work one day and heard a bloodcurdling scream come from my crawl space. The entrance to my crawl space was in my coat closet in the foyer. The hatch to get in was still shut, but there was a trail of blood leading up to it, and bloody scratch marks all over it. I knew there was nobody else in the house because my roommate was in Atlanta on a business trip all week. If he had been home, I wouldn't put it past him to have injured himself dicking around down there. He constantly had to go down there because he would disconnect the speaker wires running from my receiver to the outdoor speakers. Whenever he pulled the receiver out to plug his laptop in, the wires would yank out of their ports and fall through the hole we drilled in the floor. They didn't have any slack because the idiot at Home Depot that cut them for me didn't know what the hell he was doing. I asked him for 100 ft of 8 gauge speaker wire and he started cutting me CAT5 cable. How the fuck do you confuse Ethernet with speaker wire? That was the last straw with Home Depot. They already screwed me twice with that shitty Ryobi brand of tools they carry. I bought a Ryobi leaf blower and weed wacker and neither of them ever started. I think Ryobi is Japan's way of getting us back for nuking them. Fuck Ryobi and fuck Home Depot.