TheSilvermanCometh Thread

About a year ago I was climbing a tree in my front yard at around 4:30 a.m. I had walked a lady friend to her car and was killing time until I got the "I'm home" text, and the weather was nice for tree climbing, so I just did it. This particular night my neighbors didn't lock their gate like they normally do, leaving easy access to their tool shed, lawn mower, etc. I guess the guy forgot, it happens, but it was definitely noticeable (large gate, right next to the road, expensive old man tools).

So as I observed the gate from my lofty perch and considered all of the reasons it would be open, I noticed a car coming down my street very slowly, eventually coming to a halt right in front of my neighbor's driveway. I looked into the car and saw two young men pointing and looking intently around his yard. Sketchy shit during daylight, much more so at night.

After a minute or so of being too nervous to do anything at all, I realized I was leaning pretty heavy on some branches, exposing myself more than when these two had just driven up. That was when it happened.

the guy in the passenger seat noticed me first. He did a panicky sort of double take when he first saw me, followed by what I generally assume to be the words "OH SHIT!", and rapidly punching the driver in the arm. Attempting to look menacing, I did the only thing I could think of which was hold my arms up in a claw like pose (like a tree-rex). when the driver saw me, He did the same panicky double take before slamming the gas and hauling ass outta dodge.

I like to think I was the creepiest/scariest thing those two ever saw.