MostlyBullshit Thread

I was buying a house last year, and one of the places I decided to look at was a renovated farm house. The main building itself was pretty nice and I was considering it as an option, but then the realtor took me to check out the old barn that was on the property.

From the outside, it looked like it could be converted into a really nice workshop. I walked inside and almost immediately felt something fall on my head. I brushed it away and did the "get it off me" dance until it fell to the ground. It was a tiny spider.

Then another drop on my head. I repeated my freak-out and got another, larger spider out of my hair. Then I made the mistake of looking up. There was a huge black spot on the wall, which I realized after my eyes focused was the biggest fucking cluster of spiders I have ever seen in my life. In that moment, I was a faster sprinter than Usain Bolt.