MrUncreativeMan Thread

Since this is going to get buried, this one is for you, guy who hits new.

In the middle of the summer two summers ago, I was sleeping in my bed peacefully when I heard the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life. Normally I am not afraid of thunder but this time my entire house shook as if it was a huge earthquake. I shake it off and go back to sleep. No big deal. Next thing I knew, I was jolted awake by a flash of bright purple lightning and the loudest fucking thunder that zeus could possibly create. Then i start to hear the screams. It had seemed as if outside my window was a choir of demented hell spawn screeching in cries of agony. As I laid in bed terrified I thought to myself "This is actually happening. I can hear them. This is how it ends" Later I found out that the screams were just a pack of foxes that were scared by the intense lightning, but still that was some scary shit right there. TL;DR Thor trys to smite some demon foxes and they eat me.