ceejiesqueejie Thread

When I was 14 my family and I fell on hard times. We got kicked out of our house and ended up in emergency housing, basically we went to charity who found us a house that we were able to rent for 100 a month, but only for 3 months. That summer, my mom and step-dad separated temporarily, and my three younger siblings would go to my step-dads for a week or so then come back to my mom and me. This house was FUCKING. CREEPY.

It started off with just that feeling, you know? Like, something isn't quite right, that you might not be the only person in the room. In the day, that's all it was, the feeling that something was up. Your instincts pricking at you. I tried to ignore it, but as soon as dusk arrived shit would start happening. More than once I could hear this static-filled music playing, but I couldn't find the source, it just filled the halls. I heard whispering and went to my two sisters room, in the open closet, a pair of eyes looked at me and disappeared. My brother spent one night in the house and didn't come back. In my room, I could never win. On one wall, a mirror, when I flipped over to face the window, I watched tall shadow figures pace in front of it. In my mothers room, the same shadow figures paced in circles around her room. One night, she and I sat up for two hours in her bed watching these shadows. She was strongly religious and didn't know what to make of it.

During the time we lived there, there was a lunar eclipse. I had never seen one before and was very excited for it. When I went out to look, every time, this terror took over me and I couldn't stay outside, I couldn't explain it. When the moon was fully cloaked, I went outside, looked up, but my head suddenly snapped down and to my left. I could see three tall shadows walking in between the tall pine trees in the yard. Panicked, I ran back inside and into my room, flinging myself under the covers with my eyes shut tightly, but listened to the pacing outside my bedroom window.

Three months of this. We moved out at the end of summer into a new house, my mom and step-dad got back together and I was with my younger siblings again. We all agreed the house on Acorn street was fucked up, and still get chills when we drive by it, just to see.

TL;DR: fucked up house. Can't explain.

Edit: a couple people have asked where this house is. It's in a small town on the East coast of Florida, I can't remember the exact address, I was only there for three months . I don't know if anyone else has had the same experiences because I never came in contact with anyone else who lived there. My siblings and I agreed though, and even my mom, that the place wasn't right. If felt like it went beyond just ghosts.

This is the house, from google maps. Been forever since I've been back to my hometown.

Top view.

Edit 2: In response to u/_venkman asking about the mirror and hearing the pacing outside. The mirror was something different, I forgot to explain that initially. I could see my room, sometimes it would be the shadows pacing, not like in front of my window, but as if they were in the mirror itself. Once or twice I would sneak a glance at the mirror, and there would be a shadow stopped right in my mirror, as if it were looking down at me laying in my bed. Once I looked and saw not shadow figures, but darkened forms that seemed to grow darker as a I looked, sitting on my bed and standing in my room. That was the last time I looked at the mirror, I think. I always made an effort to avoid it.

I sensed these things, not with my psyche or my third eye, but with my physical eyes. I could hear the shadow forms pacing, as though they had feet, the walls were thin and the window didn't have proper seals, so I could hear the wind blow or the rain fall as the window was never fully closed. That meant hearing the shadows as they paced around my house. Every. Night. No amount of prayer, as my mom suggest I do, had any affect on these things that I felt and saw. The house was just unnerving, frightening.

I lived in houses before and after that had the more "ghosty" type symptoms, I guess. The restless feeling, things moving, lights turn on or doors shut on their own, I've always been sensitive to these things, I can't explain why. But this house, the house on Acorn was something different entirely, beyond my capacity to understand or even will myself to explore. It still fills me with a sense of dread, thinking about it now.

Edit 3: Holla to my fellow Titusville cousins! Get out as soon as you can. <3