Chip085 Thread

My cousin had a child about 8 years ago. My great grandmother (very beloved woman, all-around great person. my 'Gramma Shaver') passed away while his wife was pregnant, and only about 2 weeks before she was due. This was a big deal for a few reasons; my cousin would have been the first of his generation in my mother's side of the family to have a child, therefore would have been my Gramma Shaver's first great-great-grandchild. 5 generations alive at the same time, it would have been pretty cool. BUT she passed away from a stroke and it was very tragic... Fast forward a couple of years. My cousin and his wife are showing their daughter family pictures (she's approx 3-4 years old at the time). Asking her 'who's this?' and seeing if she remembers names of aunts, uncles, gramma/grandpa etc. They sort of skip over a pic of my Gramma Shaver, and she puts her hand on the pic and says "That's Gramma Shaver!!!" My cousin said he was a bit uncomfortable, but asked "Do you remember hearing us talk about her?" And according to him, his daughter looked him right in the eyes and said "No, but she visits me and talks to me all the time!!"

He said he didn't sleep right for a few weeks. Good thing we're all sure if she IS a ghost, she is probably the most kind gentle ghost there is. Still... creeped me out.

TL;DR - Baby born two weeks after beloved great-grandmother dies - 3 years later, child knows her name from seeing her picture and says she talks to her and visits her, despite knowing nothing about her.