cjhf29 Thread

I've been on a tour at an old prison and some of the scariest shit i've ever experienced has happened there. I'm not convinced in ghosts and what not but if there are, they're deffinetly there. every other person who works there has their own creepy story. My scariest was when i had a group of about 30 people in the gallows one night (the room where people where hanged) and the room is made of corrugated tin, so i was there doing my bit when suddenly there was this huge bang on the roof. everyone looked up and a few people screamed by a lot laughed, we have a few actors that jump out on tours so they probably thought it was that. The banging didnt stop though, it was kind of irregular at sort of like half second intervals (like boom, boom, boomboom) and people we getting creeped, me included. so i took the group outside. now the roof of the room is a slanted A frame so if you walk back a bit you can see the outside roof. we all watched as this one bit of tin looked like it was being stomped on from the outside , moving and everything, still banging when i took the group to the next spot. we finished off the tour and a few people thought it was a joke, but it genuinely terrified me. i've got some 'ghost' photos on my galaxy i'll try and upload now, but i'm not very good at internetting