Harowan Thread

I just told my girlfriend about some of the stories in this thread and after telling her of the weird man waltzing story she said casually "Well, yeah, that's like what happened to me." I've been compelled to post her story. I used to be sure all ghost stories were made up but she's told me of so many weird things that have happened to her that I don't always know what to think any more.

She grew up in a smallish Romanian town on the Danube, for those who don't know this is a wide river that flows from the German mountains out to the black sea. She's told me some sad stories of the past where people had tried to swim across the river after world war two to escape the country but either drowned from the currents or were caught by the police and shot. In fact, there had been a lot of troubles resulting in the death of innocent people in the region, post world war two, making this story freak me out that little bit more.

She had finished walking her date back to the army barracks at the edge of town and was heading back to her fathers apartment. She followed the path home along the river and was in a very calm mood, she described it as a mood in which nothing would phase her.

As she walked back she looked into the window of the post office which had been closed for a while as it was 3am. In the window was twenty faces, noses pressed against the window, staring out. She carried on walking, unphased. At this point obviously I was thinking, "Hmm, yeah, well that's not that odd, there probably were people in there"

She carried on walking further and she glanced to her left at the river to see a bunch of people swimming towards the shore. She turned her head forward and kept walking some more. She looked toward the river again, expecting for the people to be gone but they were still there. "How many people?" She shrugged, "One hundred?". All swimming towards the bank at 3am. She felt like stopping but was compelled not to break stride, she kept on walking.

As she got to the park she could see figures running and dancing in there. She didn't walk through, it's to the side of the path. She said they were wearing an odd assortment of clothes, some old fashioned, some white and semi translucent. They seemed like young people. Their dancing wasn't modern, it was waltz like. She carried on.

As she neared her fathers apartment she could see a figure moving in the distance, growing larger as she neared. She remained neutral, she wouldn't have had to pass him as her turn off was before him. As she neared she could make him out more clearly. He was wearing an old fashioned suit and was waltzing by himself. He wasn't going anywhere as his waltz took him around in circles, he was simply dancing by himself.

She got home and her father said "What happened?" as he could see the odd look on her face. She didn't really know where to start.

After our conversation she said two things of note. The first was she had kept calm as she kept thinking "It's good, there's nothing to worry about, there's something else, there's another side." The second.. "Maybe it's some kind of phenomenon then, that waltzing"

All I can say is I was unnerved. She's gone out now but she'll be back in a few hours so I'll pass on any comments / questions.